Angela Channing


Falcon Crest

First appearance

"The Vintage Years" (1981)

Last appearance

"Home Again" (1989)

Married to

Douglas Channing
Philip Erikson
Peter Stavros
Frank Agretti


Owner of Falcon Crest
Owner of Kleeger Distributions
Owner of The New San Francisco Globe
Owner of a block of buildings in Union Hill in San Francisco, California


Jasper Gioberti
Lily Travers


Jason Gioberti
Francesca Gioberti


Richard Channing
Julia Cumson
Emma Channing


Lance Cumson
Christopher Rossini
Michael Channing


Chase Gioberti
Cole Gioberti
Vickie Gioberti
Joseph Gioberti

Angela Channing (nee Gioberti; formerly Erikson, Stavros and Agretti) is the tough, tyrannical matriarch of Falcon Crest and a powerful woman in Tuscany Valley, who is the principal character of the series.

Angela was a typical Gioberti. She hated competition. The self-confident woman never hesitated to incite vulgar intrigue to driver her enemies mentally or financially in the abyss.

When Angela was 16, she met Peter Stavros during a stay in Spain.

Her first serious relationship was with Carl Brock, which failed. He was in a dispute with his brother, Adam, over Angela at their engagement party and disappeared.

She married Douglas Channing, the owner of The San Francisco Globe and they had three children: Richard (who thought to have a been a stillborn, but wa actually stolen by Douglas and Jacqueline), Julia and Emma.

Julia married Tony Cumson. Angela did not particularly like Tony. Their feuding drove him to leave Tuscany Valley, leaving behind Julia and their son, Lance.

Her only purpose in life was Falcon Crest.

Jason's wife, Jacqueline Perrault, was a thorn in her side. Because of Angela's stern control over Falcon Crest and her son with Jason, Chase left Tuscany Valley and this ultimately caused Jason to become a drunk.

After Jasper's death, Angela and Jason inherited Falcon Crest equally.

Philip Erikson was Angela's attorney for years and was occasionally her boyfriend. In 1984, they finally married but a few days after their wedding, Philip died in a plane crash.

As Francesca Gioberti turned out to be Angela's half-sister, according to Joseph Gioberti's will, she inherited half of Falcon Crest and Angela was determined to get Angela's half ownership in her possession. But it was Richard Channing who bought Francesca's stake. Chase and Richard filed for bankruptcy and they sold their shares to Cassandra Wilder and Anna Rossini, who still had an old score to settle with Angela.

Peter Stavros helped her.