Jacqueline Perrault


Falcon Crest

First appearance

"Family Reunion" (1981)

Last appearance

Married to

Jason Gioberti
Jean-Pierre Charbone
Alexandre Nikolau
1 unnamed man


Owner of Whitewood Industries
Owner of six oil tankers
Owner of a vineyard north east of Paris
Owner of the Tate Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco




Chase Gioberti


Cole Gioberti
Vickie Gioberti

 Jacqueline Perrault (formerly Gioberti, Charbone and Nikolau) is the France-born mother of Chase Gioberti and the sworn enemy of Angela Channing.

She was married to Jason Gioberti and they later had a son, Charles "Chase".

During her marriage to Jason, she had an affair with Angela's husband, Douglas Channing.

Because of Angela's stern control over Falcon Crest and wanting to spare her news of she and Douglas's affair, she took Chase and they left Tuscany Valley.

But when Angela gave birth to Richard, she and Douglas arranged for the physician to convince Angela that the baby had died and they arranged for Richard to be raised by Jean-Pierre's half-brother, Henri Denault, who was childless.

Jacqueline remarried three times since her divorce from Jason in 1951, but she was married to Jean-Pierre Charbone during WWI, while still married to Jason. She later married an oil tycoon in Monaco and inherited six oil tankers after his death; she married an art dealer from Belgium and her fourth marriage was to a shipping tycoon, Alexander Nikolaou.

She returned to Tuscany Valley in 1982, after Chase inherited half of Falcon Crest. She warned him out of Angela's treacherous nature and tries to persuade him to leave Falcon Crest. This causes conflict with both Chase and Angela. After settling her issues with Chase, she returns to Paris.

Despite a threat from Richard, Jacqueline tries to persuade Chase to work with Richard to stop Angela. She later suprises them with the news that she gave Richard up for adoption when he was baby, which means that Richard and Chase are half-brothers. Richard rejects Jacqueline's explanation of why she gave him up for adoption.

At the Founder's Day Party at Falcon Crest, Richard announces to the entire party that he finally has found his mother, Jacqueline. Then Angela publicly denounces Jacqueline for ruining her marriage with Douglas.

After Richard's announcement at the Founder's Day Party, Chase confronts Richard and when Angela turns on Jacqueline, Richard calls her an adultress. Chase takes her home, and she leaves for Zurich due to some pressing business matters.

Jacqueline later arrives in New York to introduce herself as the Chief of the company, to Richard's surprise. She threatens Richard that unless he returns to New York, she will make life very difficult for him. At Victoria's wedding, Jacqueline unexpectedly shows up only to be caught in the middle of the Carlo Agretti murder mystery. When Julia Cumson is identified as the murderer, Chase is shot during the struggle for the gun and Jaqueline steps in front of Richard to take a deadly bullet.