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Julia Cumson


Falcon Crest

First appearance

"The Vintage Years" (1981)

Last appearance

"Perilous Charm" (1986)

Married to

Tony Cumson


Winemaker for Falcon Crest
Stockholder in The San Francisco Globe


Douglas Channing
Angela Channing


Richard Channing
Emma Channing


Father Christopher Rossini
Lance Cumson


Dominic Rossini
Carlo Agretti

Julia Cumson(nee Channing) is the eldest daughter of Angela Channing and Douglas Channing. In the beginning, Julia worked as a wine-maker at Falcon Crest, but was continually oppressed by her domineering mother who succeeded in driving her husband, Tony Cumson, away and using her son, Lance Cumson, as a henchman in her various schemes. She had an affair with Carlo Agretti and murdered him in order to protect Falcon Crest from falling into his hands. When she was confronted about the first killing, she pulled out a gun and killed Chase's mother, Jacqueline Perrault in the ensuing struggle. Originally she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but she was deemed unfit and was institutionalized. Having escaped from the psychiatric hospital to kill Angela for the eyars she controlled her life, she presumeably died in a cabin fire when a Sheriff's deputy shot at her and hit a kerosene lamp instead. She returned the following year having known a way out of the cabin before going into it. She left for a convent in Oregon and her sentence was later commuted. She returned to the convent anyway and was never seen on Falcon Crest again. She was mentioned a few times though, in passing.